Tinctures, Mushrooms, & Medications

Discover the remarkable power of mushrooms, nature’s secret to holistic well-being! Packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, and immune-boosting properties, our range of mushroom products unlocks a world of health benefits.

Tinctures, Mushrooms, & Medications

While there have been no specific, potential medication interactions identified with the ingredients of the mushroom tinctures sold by Zazu, it is known that because of the inherent medicinal properties of the mushrooms, consuming the tincture will most likely potentiate the effects of certain medications and, therefore, should not be initiated without your health care provider’s specific awareness and guidance of pharmaceutical/medication management for all conditions.


The medication classifications’ effects most known to be potentiated by the mushrooms in the tinctures are the following: 


Blood Pressure Medications

May result in risk for decreased blood pressures (hypotension) where pharmaceutical intervention/medications may be able to be decreased in strength and/or frequency. 

Symptoms of lower blood pressures; blurry vision, confusion, *dizziness, fainting, *lightheadedness, nausea or vomiting, sleepiness, and weakness.


Blood Sugar Medications

Combining may result in potential for lower blood sugars (hypoglycemia) where pharmaceutical interventions/medications may be able to be decreased in strength and/or frequency. Increased monitoring of blood sugar levels is recommended if considering including mushroom tinctures/supplements in an overall wellness plan.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia are: Pale appearance, *shakiness, sweating, headache, hunger or nausea, irregular or rapid heart rate, fatigue, *irritability/anxiety, *dizziness/lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, tingling of mouth, tongue, cheeks. 


Blood Thinner Medications

Combining may result in increased clotting time which means an increased risk for bleeding if injury to vascular system occurs. Blood thinner medications are routinely monitored by a blood test called a complete blood count and may need to be increased in frequency if you choose to include tinctures in an overall wellness plan. 

Symptoms of blood being “too thin”/”too slow” at clotting are: bleeding of the gums, blood in stool, bloody noses, occasionally- purpura (sudden inexplicable bruising) and petechiae (pin-prick hemorrhaging on skin)


If your wellness goal includes decreasing dependence on pharmacological management and the associated side-effects, initiate a discussion with your health care provider regarding the emerging science of the nutritional and medicinal properties of mushrooms in your next provider visit! 

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